Monday, January 12, 2009

"Lipstick Jungle" Hottie Robert Buckley Moves to CW's "Privileged"

Did you know "Sex and the City" knock-off "Lipstcik Jungle" ended its run on NBC last Friday? I didn't think you would. 4 million people tuned in and apparently that was quite an audience for the low-rated soap. Fans of the ubersexy Robert Buckley, a.k.a. "The Only Reason I Tuned Into This Lame Show"...

...will be happy to hear they can Buckle up all over again on the even lower-rated CW, as hunky Robbie guest stars on the teen soap "Privileged" (Tuesdays at 9pm after "90210"). Only 18 episodes of that show have been ordered for this season, so his stint may be a short one.

For those who care - Buckley's "Lipstick" character Kirby Atwood did get a happy ending with his foxy mama (Kim Raver's Nico Reilly). She apparently couldn't find words to describe her relationship with Griffin, but wouldn't stop talking on national TV about her ex Kirby.

Well, how could one blame her? If I got to squeeze those hot Buckley buns, I wouldn't stop talking about it either.

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